Who we are

Chiptuning KennfeldThe company Chiptuningfile is specialised in automotive software.

Since 2003 we test and develop engine software. To make the work of tuners easier we offer our new online chip tuning service. Thanks to our outstanding measuring and testing facilities, to our knowledge and experience of many years and the exchange with automotive engineers, tuners and programmers we offer high quality when it comes to tuning files which specifically ensure very high engine reliability.

More than 13 years of expierence

What we offer

We are able to read and process these data formats:

  • binary data with standard sizes of engine and gearbox control
  • completely read flash, E- and EEPROMS
  • partly read flash, E- and EEPROMS
  • special formats such as SPI and BdmToGo (EVC company)
  • encoded formats (Slave) of CMD, Kess, Optican, New Genius, New Trasdata and Byte-Shooter as well as Powergate
    (Slave: needs activation)