We tune your original data file individually. Benefit from our 13 years experience in software development and chip tuning as well as engine guarantee and MOT service. It’s only three easy steps to get your completed tuning file.

  1. Load your tuning credit account by buying one or more credits.
  2. We need some information on your vehicle and the scanner and then you can upload your original data file to the system on chiptuningfile.de.
  3. The programmer at chiptuningfile.de tune your data file according to your wishes. After a short period of time the tuning file is ready to download in your chiptuningfile.de account.
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Opening hours

The programmers of the tuning file service are at your disposal during business hours. When uploading a file during business hours we guarantee processing it within 30 and 90 minutes and your chip tuning file is ready for download.

Please note: outside our business hours you can send an email to info@chiptuningfile.de to check whether one of our programmers is online to process your data files.

Opening hours

local: 3:31 PM open

Which performance is possible?

  • Increased output between 5% and 35%
  • Torque increase between 5% and 35%
  • Up to 20% less fuel consumption
Choose your vehicle from our database to get a prospect of the possible performance increase.