Gysflash 100-12 HF (5m cables)

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Gysflash 100-12 HF is a 100A high power stabilised supply incorporating Inverter technology with 5 functions

4 modes:
- CHARGING starter batteries with the charging curve IUoU (IUoIoU Expert mode).
- BATTERY CHANGE (stable electrical supply to the on-board computer during a battery change)
- DIAG+ (power supply during diagnosis with adjustable voltage)
- SHOWROOM (charging, conservation, automatic restart in case of power failure and function lock).

- Automatic restart in charging and SHOWROOM mode.
- Locking of the unit in SHOWROOM mode
- Calibration of the interchangeable charging cables
- Simplified charging in EASY mode
- SOS recovery for deeply discharged batteries
- Electronic safety for vehicle, on-board electronics and battery: short-circuit protection, electronic reverse polarity protection, safety shutdown in case of thermal overload

16 languages (can be called up on the display): English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Turkish, Croatian, Greek, Czech, Polish

Battery voltage: 12 V
Suitable battery types: AGM, gel, lead-acid, lead-calcium, start-stop and spiral cell starter batteries
Battery capacity: 10 - 1200 Ah
Maximum charging current: 100 A
Maximum charging voltage (lead-acid / lead-calcium): 14.8 V / 13.7 V
Maximum charging voltage (AGM / Gel): 14.4 V / 13.5 V
Maximum charging voltage (EASY mode): 14.4 V / 13.5 V
Voltage (DIAG+): 12.0 - 14.8 V (nominal voltage: 13.5 V)
Voltage (SHOWROOM): 12.0 - 14.8 V (nominal voltage: 13.5 V)
Maximum power: 1600 W
Mains connection: 230 V - 50/60 Hz
Protection class: IP 21

789.00 EUR
(if necessary plus 19% VAT. plus shipping)
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